Faculty Spotlight: Alexandra Garraud

Alexandra Garraud, Ph.D., is a research assistant professor in the University of Florida’s Electrical and Computer Engineering department where she has served since August 2015. Her current work includes the advancement and improvement of electrodynamic wireless power transmission to multiple chip-scale receivers over distances of one to three feet. This alternative technology for wireless charging will provide a highly miniaturized solution for size-constrained systems such as wearables, microrobots, IoT sensor nodes and biomedical implants. In parallel, she is part of an ongoing effort to develop scalable low-power logic/memory technologies using thin-film ferroelectric materials.

Prior to her current position, Alexandra received her doctorate in 2011 and her Master of Science in 2008, both in Electrical Engineering from the Montpellier 2 University and the Paris-South University, respectively. She first joined the University of Florida as a postdoctoral research assistant in 2012 under the supervision of Prof. David Arnold. She conducted research on the development of magnetic materials and magnetic microsystems for their integration in biomedical and power applications.

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