The MIST Makers is an undergraduate outreach and research program. Teams of students collaborate to create Internet of Things systems with off-the-shelf hardware.


On Monday, Sept. 26, 2016, Dr. Sachio Semmoto, a serial entrepreneur and UF alumnus, recently visited the UF’s Electrical and Computer Engineering department where he attended a luncheon with the MIST Makers.

During the luncheon, the Makers presented a proposal for their Smart Garden project that will feature integrated sensors, real-time garden feedback and a cloud-computing platform. Semmoto shared stories of his experiences in starting and leading major telecommunication corporations, as well as fielded questions from the team.


Q1: What do MIST Makers work on?
Undergraduate students who are part of the MIST Makers will work in teams to develop smart systems known collectively as “Internet of Things”.

Q2: What are Internet of Things?
These smart connected systems typically integrate sensors, wireless communication, power management, and decision-making capability to achieve useful functionality. Everyday things that we interact with, depend on, or use are all candidates for improvement using smart systems. They include but are not limited to infrastructure such as homes and transportation, devices that improve or monitor people’s health including textiles, devices that monitor the environment, energy generation and power distribution equipment, and food products as well as agricultural equipment.

Q3: Will I be paid?
MIST Makers will not be paid, but will have access to parts and offices.

Q4: How much time is required?
The time spent is up to the individual. There will be regular update meetings with faculty.

Q5: Is there a course associated with the MIST Makers?
Yes, students will sign up for EGN 4912 Engineering Undergraduate Research for 0 - 4 credits total. Enrollment is required by the College of Engineering for participants. 0 credits incurs no cost. But taking 1-4 credits will count towards tech electives.

Q6: What are the benefits?
The benefits of participating in MIST Makers include gaining real-world skills and networking. Selected teams will have an opportunity to present their results at conferences and meetings and interact with company representatives.