Faculty Spotlight: Kyle Renshaw

Dr. Kyle Renshaw joined the faculty at the University of Central Florida in August 2015. He is an Assistant Professor in CREOL, The College of Optics & Photonics, where he has established the Thin-Film Optoelectronics (TFO) group. The TFO group conducts research in advanced sensor, LED and photovoltaic technologies based on organic and hybrid organic/inorganic […]

Faculty Spotlight: Debashis Chanda

Dr. Debashis Chanda, a University of Central Florida professor with a joint appointments in the NanoScience Technology Center and College of Optics and Photonics, leads the Nano-Optics Research Group, which has received several notable awards recently. Chanda and his graduate student, Daniel Franklin, were awarded with the 2016 Displaying Futures Award from Merck, a Germany-based world leader in liquid-display […]

MIST Makers Meet with Dr. Sachio Semmoto

Yesterday, Dr. Sachio Semmoto, a serial entrepreneur and UF alumnus, recently visited the UF’s Electrical and Computer Engineering department where he attended a luncheon with the MIST Makers, the MIST Center’s undergraduate outreach and research program. During the luncheon, the Makers presented a proposal for their Smart Garden project that will feature integrated sensors, real-time garden […]

Faculty Spotlight: Eric McLamore

University of Florida (UF) Associate Professor Eric S. McLamore was recently recognized with the Researcher of the Year from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, the New Teacher of the Year Award from the USDA/APLU and the Innovative Teaching Award from the American Society of Engineering Education. McLamore joined UF in 2010, and […]

MIST Center Director Presents Invited Talk at ASME’s COMS 2016

MIST Center director, Toshi Nishida, presented an invited talk outlining a trillion sensor vision for global pollution monitoring at the ASME Commercialization of Micro, Nano and Emerging Technologies meeting in Houston, Texas on Aug. 28-31, 2016. In the session chaired by Janusz Bryzek, CEO of eXo Systems, Inc. and chair of the Trillion Sensor Summit, […]