Projects are defined by the calendar year with multi-year research divided into a series of one-year projects.



I1 - Tuning Thermal Resistances at Nanoscale Interfaces

Researcher(s): Patrick Hopkins (UVA)

I2 - Reliability of Through-Glass Vias (TGVs)

Researcher(s): Tengfei Jiang (UCF)

I3 - Material/Process Investigation for Printed Electronics

Researcher(s): Hugh Fan (UF) and Toshi Nishida (UF)

I4 - Integrated Wireless Phosphate Sensing System for Smart Coastal Monitoring

Researcher(s): Y.K. Yoon (UF) and Yoonseok Jiang Lee (UF)


S1 - Zero-Power Magnetic Field Sensors Using Magnetoelectric Nanowires

Researcher(s): Jennifer Andrew (UF) and David Arnold (UF)

S2 - Dual-axis Wall Shear Stress Sensor System

Researcher(s): Mark Sheplak (UF)

S3 - Technology Development Towards a MEMS-Based Multi-Hole Probe with Optical Transducers

Researcher(s): Mark Sheplak (UF)

S4 - SiC Avalanche Photodiodes

Researcher(s): Joe Campbell (UVA)

S5 - Flexible MOS/Polymer Composite Films for Multifunctional Sensing Applications

Researcher(s): H.J. Cho (UCF)

S6 - Wide-angle micro-LIDAR and Sensing Algorithms

Researcher(s): Sanjeev Koppal (UF) and Huikai Xie (UF)

S7 - Passive Wireless/Fiber Optic Lever Dynamic Pressure Sensor Technology for Harsh Environments

Researcher(s): Mark Sheplak (UF) and Alexandra Garraud (UF)


C1 - Spatio-Temporal Neural Filtering and Processing Platform for Smart Cameras

Researcher(s): Avik Ghosh (UVA) and Mircea Stan (UVA)


W1 - High Dynamic Range Power Amplifiers for Ultra Low Power Symmetric Links

Researcher(s): Steven Bowers (UVA)

W2 - Phase Change based Reconfigurable Antennas for Wireless Platforms

Researcher(s): Nikhil Shukla (UVA)


P1 - Miniature Wireless Charging System for Cluttered Environments

Researcher(s): Alexandra Garraud (UF) and David Arnold (UF)

P2 - III-V HEMTs on Silicon Fabrication for RF and Power Devices

Researcher(s): Jiann-Shiun Yuan (UCF)

P3 - Reliability Study of GaN HEMTs using the Experimental Approach

Researcher(s): Jiann-Shiun Yuan (UCF) and Tania Roy (UCF)

Integration Sensing Computing Wireless Power

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