Projects are defined by the calendar year with multi-year research divided into a series of one-year projects.



I1 - 5-axis Laser Micromachining Capabilities for Ceramics Manufacturing

Researcher(s): Mark Sheplak (UF)

I2 - Reliability of Through-Glass Vias (TGVs) and Through-Silicon Vias (TSVs) for 2.5D/3D Integration

Researcher(s): Tengfei Jiang (UCF)

I3 - Material Modification and Process Optimization for Flexible/Stretchable Circuits

Researcher(s): Hugh Fan (UF) and Toshi Nishida (UF)

I4 - III-V-to-Si Chip-to-Chip Photonic Interfaces

Researcher(s): Sasan Fathpour (UCF) and Tengfei Jiang (UCF)


S1 - In-situ Grown Metal Oxide Nanowires for Low Power Chemical Sensors

Researcher(s): Hyoung Jin Cho (UCF)

S2 - Technology Development for a Dual-Axis Wall Shear Stress Sensor System

Researcher(s): Mark Sheplak (UF)

S3 - Technology Development Towards a MEMS-Based Multi-Hole Probe with Optical Transducers

Researcher(s): Mark Sheplak (UF)

S4 - Organic FPA Pixel Development

Researcher(s): Kyle Renshaw (UCF)

S5 - Zero-Power Magnetic Field Sensors Using Magnetoelectric Nanowires

Researcher(s): Jennifer Andrew (UF) and David Arnold (UF)

S6 - AlGaN/GaN High Electron Mobility Transistor (HEMT) Based Sensor for Heart Attack Detection

Researcher(s): Fan Ren (UF) and Stephen Pearton (UF)



W1 - Tunable Metaconductors for Frequency Agile Integrated RF Passives

Researcher(s): Y.K. Yoon (UF)


P1 - Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Devices on Silicon Substrate

Researcher(s): Jiann-Shiun Yuan (UCF)

P2 - Chip-Scale MEMS Receivers for Low-Power Wireless Charging

Researcher(s): Alexandra Garraud (UF) and David Arnold (UF)

P3 - Miniaturization of Resonant Wireless Power Transfer System Components

Researcher(s): Y.K. Yoon (UF) and David Arnold (UF)

Integration Sensing Computing Wireless Power

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